Mr S Hall


Favourite Subject at School

My favourite subjects at school were maths, science and PE. I always like the challenge of algebra and trying to find out exactly what “x” did actually equal. (I even managed it a few times!) I was lucky to be able to take Human Biology as an A level and found it fascinating to learn how the human body worked. A truly amazing machine! This has clearly helped me with my real love which was sport and my PE lessons.


I enjoy many sports and tried most at some point in my life. I am the coach for my 10 year old daughter’s football team which makes Sunday morning very exciting. I have a cockapoo called Bobby who needs walking which we do as a family whenever possible. I also enjoy taking on a DIY project around the house and cooking up a feast in the kitchen.

About me

I was brought up in Preston in Lancashire with my 3 sisters and was fortunate to be able to study Sports Science and PE at Loughborough University. I have taught PE at two different schools and joined The Pingle Academy in 2005 as Head of PE. I became Acting Principal in September 2021. We have been on a remarkable journey at The Pingle Academy for a number of years and I am proud to have been able to work with so many amazing students and colleagues during this time. The opportunities and achievements that I have seen and been part of are truly inspiring and it goes to show what can be achieved when we all work hard, be kind and choose wisely!