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SMSC / British Values

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC)

Aims and Values

At The Pingle Academy, our aims and values are central to our work with young people and adults and they are expressed through the following statement:

RESPECT | ENGAGE | SUCCEED  -  A place for everyone

The statement indicates that the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our learners is an important aspect of our work.  The values were established after a great deal of discussion with staff, Governors, parents/carers and student councils.  All parents/carers and students have been informed of our aims and values.  Our values are encompassed in the quality standards for parents/carers, Governors, Leadership Team, staff and students.

Defining SMSC

Through planning work with staff and through our daily interaction with students, the following working definitions have emerged.  All four aspects involve getting our students to ask questions about their own experiences and the world, together with that of considering the feelings of others.

The ethos and climate of the school makes an important contribution.  We would like to think that the ethos of the school reflects our values and aims.  In all the above we believe that the following also play an important contribution:

  • the pastoral system
  • the emphasis on student care
  • the student councils for each of the key stages
  • the code of behaviour
  • the system of rewards
  • the student planner, which includes sections on forward planning and homework
  • praise
  • target setting and review
  • the anti-bullying policy
  • the extra-curricular activities and clubs at lunchtime and after school
  • the range of teaching and learning styles

In terms of learning experiences as a school we attempt, across the curriculum, to encourage our students to:

  1.  discuss matters of personal concern
  2.  develop relationships with adults and peers
  3.  develop a sense of belonging to a community
  4.  be challenged by exploring beliefs and values, while deepening their own faith or beliefs
  5.  discuss religious and philosophical questions.
  6.  understand why people reach certain decisions on spiritual and moral issues  and how these  decisions affect their lives
  7.  experience what is aesthetically challenging
  8.  experience silence and reflection

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