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Work Experience Year 12

We believe that work experience is a vital part of learning and enrichment in our Sixth Form, helping to create well rounded, independent learners. The work experience should be relevant and appropriate for the career interests and skills of the individual student.

Work experience for year 12 students will take place in the week beginning 26 June 2023.

The pink medical form should be completed by parent/carer and handed into the placement.

If you wish to find out about Year 10 work experience,  please use the link below

The Pingle Academy - Work Experience: Year 10


Page Downloads Date  
Work Experience General Instruction Sheet (Yr12) 01st Sep 2021 Download
Work Experience Medical Check Form (Yr12) 01st Sep 2021 Download
Work Experience Partnership Experience Agreement Form (Yr12) 01st Sep 2021 Download
Approved WEX Placements 15th Sep 2022 Download