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Communication with Parents\Carers

We want every child at The Pingle Academy to be happy and to succeed.  In order for that to happen, we wish to maintain a healthy and collaborative relationship with parents/carers.  Communication from the academy to parent/carers is extremely important to us.


The academy will develop an open and transparent relationship with parents/carers by the following means of communication:

  • All parents/carers of students in Year 7-13 to be invited to Parents’/Carers’ Information Evening in September.
  • Parents’/Carers’ Evening for all year groups calendared from October to June.
  • Open Evening in October and Year 6 Transition Day/Evening in July for new Year 7.
  • A calendar of academy events is published on the academy website at the start of each academic year https://www.pingleacademy.com/78/calendar and published in the Principal’s parent/carer letter throughout the year.
  • Classcharts is used by the academy to communicate attendance, rewards and behaviour.
  • In Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3 students in Key Stage 3 will take their subject books home to show parents/carers.
  • A curriculum Faculty newsletter for all KS3 subjects is published twice per year/per subject.
  • The Pingle Academy Newsletter published half termly providing an update on academy events, visits, achievements and progress.
  • Information podcasts on the academy website covering key themes such as:
  • Most Able
  • Attendance
  • Safeguarding topics.
  • Progress booklets which provide a guide to assessments and strategies for parents/carers on how to support their child/children.


How you can find out more about the academy events and activities:

  • Academy website: -
  • The academy newsletter
  • Parent/Carer letters
  • Events and announcements
  • Curriculum information
  • Policies and procedures
  • Contact information.


Key staff:

Leadership Team Position Email Address
Mr S Hall Principal shall.pingle@deferrerstrust.com or kwagstaff.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Ms A Smith Vice Principal asmith.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mr P Harvey Vice Principal pharvey.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mr J Done Assistant Principal jdone.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mrs N Toshney Assistant Principal ntoshney.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mrs B Parker Assistant Principal bparker.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mr D Riley


Assistant Principal driley.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mr S Waller Assistant Principal swaller.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mrs D Wilcox Assistant Principal dwilcox.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mr M Hurst Associate Member mhurst.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mr Z Williams Associate Member zwillaims.pingle@deferrerstrust.com


Heads of Faculty Subject Email Address
Mrs S Taylor Art & Technology staylor.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Miss K Robinson English krobinson.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mrs N Manan Mathematics nmanan.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mrs T Foster ICT tfoster.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mr D Parker Science dparker.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mrs K Mills Modern Foreign Languages kmills.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mrs S Rea Humanities srea.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mr D Brown PE dbrown.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mrs S Morgan Performing Arts smorgan.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mrs S Siniara Religion ssiniara.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mrs D Holland Social Studies dholland.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mrs L Harling ERS lharling.pingle@deferrerstrust.com


Safeguarding Team Position Email Address
Mr M Hurst Designated Safeguarding Lead mhurst.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mrs E Orme Safeguarding Officer eorme.pingle@deferrerstrust.com


SEND Team Position Email Address
Miss S Khan SENDCo skhan.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mrs S Lane Assistant SEDNCo slane.pingle@deferrerstrust.com
Mrs R Townsend Assistant SEDNCo rtownsend.pingle@deferrerstrust.com