Homework System

  • Students will be set homework according to the schedule in the Homework policy.
  • Homework will be recorded on Class Charts and Google Classroom / Showbie
  • The Academy will monitor the setting and completion of work, checking its quality and frequency to ensure consistency
  • Students will be expected to complete homework on time and sanctions will be in place if they don’t

Role of Learner:

  • Check homework regularly on Class Charts / Google classroom / Showbie
  • Plan to meet homework deadlines
  • Work hard to complete all homework tasks on time and to the best of their ability.

Role of parents / carers

  • Speak with their child regularly about their learning and discuss the importance of completing homework tasks
  • Check Class Charts regularly, to monitor the homework that has been set for their child.
  • Provide a suitable environment in which learning can be completed.
  • Contact the academy if their child is having difficulties with homework or if there are extenuating circumstances that would prevent the completion of work at home.
  • If their child is absent, ensure that they catch up with any incomplete classwork.
  • Respond to any communication they receive regarding their child’s failure to complete work outside of the classroom.
  • Ensure their child engages with and completes remote learning activities to a good standard.


The Pingle Academy: Homework Policy

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