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iPad information for Parents and Carers

On this page, you can find information for parents and carers about our 1:1 iPad programme.

By considerable investment from the de Ferrers Trust and reducing traditional ICT spending the academy will be able to provide all students with their own iPad to use, for just £68 per year. Students will be given the option to buy the device outright at the end of Year 11 or Year 13 for market value (this will depend upon the age and model of the device, but is usually around £80-£140, which is a lot less than the high street price of almost £400).

The academy will provide a case to protect the iPad and suitable repair coverage. If a student repeatedly breaks the glass or damages it through deliberate neglect, then they will be asked to pay for the cost of repairs.

Both within the academy and at home, student are expected to follow the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that forms part of the agreement.  Within the academy, web access is monitored and filtered. However, we do expect students to develop responsible online habits outside of the academy.
We use a Mobile Device Management system (Lightspeed) to manage each device and install suitable age-related restrictions. Where a student violates the AUP, we will change the user profile to restrict access to certain functions (such as the App store, camera, etc).

If parents/carers would like additional restrictions applying to their son/daughter's iPad, then please contact the relevant Progress Leader.

All our devices within the academy are covered by an Acceptable Use Policy.

Acceptable Use PolicyiPad Letter