Mr S Waller

Assistant Principal

Favourite subjects

My favourite subject at school was PE. I was sport mad and tried to take part in every activity going. You could see the English Channel from my secondary school and we were lucky enough to be able to take part in water sports such as kayaking and windsurfing. I also, unsurprisingly, really enjoyed geography. I loved learning about the world from an early age and also really got on with my teachers.



Most of my spare time these days is spent taking my three children to their various activities! I do, however, love sport and try to be as active as possible. I enjoy running, circuit training and football and try to do something physical every day. I love spending time with my family and friends and love nothing more than a country walk. Travelling has always been a huge part of my life and I really enjoy exploring new places – the more exotic and interesting the better! I love to read and enjoy a good film, however I’m at my happiest watching my beloved Arsenal with my two boys and dad at the Emirates (when we win of course!).


About me

I was born in Durban, South Africa and lived there until I was three. My parents immigrated to the UK and settled in Brighton on the south coast. South Africa remains a huge part of who I am and most of my family still live there. I spent a lot of time there as a child and have love returning whenever I can. After school I went to Sheffield University to do a geography degree. Easily some of the best years of my life! I loved every second.

After university I travelled for a while and eventually lived in London for three years working for an African tour operator. Eventually it was time to settle down so I did my PGCE and settled in the midlands. I trained at Pingle all those years ago and was lucky enough to get my first job here as well. Pingle is unique and is without doubt a very special place - I have met some incredible people over the years and am inspired every day watching students fulfil their potential.