Miss S Rea

Associate Member

Favourite subjects at school

My favourite subject has always been History.  From an early age I loved listening to stories from my Grandad and being dragged from castle to castle on family holidays.  I never really appreciated those visits or stories until I grew older and they were pieces in a historical puzzle that I became obsessed with (and I still am)!  I studied History at University in Wales where I also fell in love with the beauty of the Welsh countryside and coast.  After living most of my life in the midlands it was a novelty to see the sea from my university lecture hall!


I have two young daughters so my hobbies revolve around their hobbies at the moment, usually we can be found exploring a zoo, farm or I try to recreate some of the magic that my parents gave to me by taking them to historical sites.

I love exploring new places, especially in France and I like to think of myself as bilingual, but really, I just know how to ask for crepes and coffees.  I also enjoy reading when I get the chance, especially if it's about the French or Russian revolutions!  I love spending time with my family and doing the occasional craft or DIY project in the house or garden as I do like to engage my creative side.

About me

I joined The Pingle Academy in 2008, straight out of University in Nottingham where I had just qualified as a History teacher.  It seems like the years have flown by!  After two years I became Assistant Head of Sixth Form and then Teaching and Learning Lead Practitioner.  After that I became Head of History and then Head of Humanities.  Most recently I have been given the exciting opportunity to work as Associate Member of the Leadership Team with responsibilities within the areas of Teaching and Learning and Student Leadership.  I am passionate about delivering quality first teaching and I want to ensure that students at Pingle get the best possible education and that they enjoy their studies and leave with qualifications to be proud of and that set them up to succeed in life.  I also believe that student leadership can enrich students' opportunities and experience in education and enhance the provision and lives of all students within the academy.