Mrs B Parker

Assistant Principal

Favourite subjects at school

My favourite subjects at school were PE, maths and Philosophy and Ethics. I adored my maths and PE teachers; my favourite sport was netball. I particularly enjoyed the discussion aspect of philosophy and ethics.



I am a Newcastle United fan – not easy - but when you are born in Newcastle it is a must.  I still go to watch them play with my family when we are able to.

One special memory of mine is taking my dad to watch Newcastle United at Burton Albion – Newcastle won but my dad enjoyed the atmosphere, talking to the local people we met and he was very impressed with the ground and beer.

I enjoy cycling and walking, the cycling is easier in the Midlands than Northumberland -too many hills!


About me

I joined The Pingle Academy in September 2014. 

Three weeks prior to starting, I broke my shoulder whilst cycling in Northumberland.

When I broke my shoulder I was obviously in a lot of pain however I also had a concern that this was an omen of bad things about to happen.

How wrong I was.  I love working at The Pingle Academy and I particularly enjoy my role as the Assistant Principal and Trust Lead in charge of Early Career Teachers, Trainee Teachers alongside line managing the Mathematics Faculty and other responsibilities.

Developing and supporting early career teachers on their journey to becoming future experts is something I am passionate about. It runs hand in hand with the reason I love my job -teaching- I can help students build their self-esteem and believe in themselves and their ability to learn, no matter what their background or abilities.

I am extremely proud of the Mathematics Faculty and what a strong team we are and the results the students achieve.