Mrs M Hall

Vice Principal

Favorite Subject at School

My favourites subjects at school were English, Art and Religion (no surprises with the English!). My favourite
childhood books were anything written by Enid Blyton, especially the Malory Towers and St Clare’s series – I
thought my mum was mean for not allowing me to go to a girls’ boarding school! When I got to secondary school,
I fell in love with Thomas Hardy – his beautiful descriptions of the southwest countryside and the depressing fate
that befell his characters appealed to my teenage self.


I enjoy reading, trying to impress friends with my culinary creations and completing little DIY projects at home
and in the garden. I like spending time with my family and friends, but the real love of my life are my two rough
collie dogs, Danny, and Milo. I spend hours exploring the countryside near my home with the two boys. I like to
keep active and generally never sit still for too long!

About Me

I grew up on a sheep farm on the top of a mountain in County Tyrone in Northern Ireland – students often joke
with me that it’s funny I teach English with an accent like mine. Even after nearly thirty years of living in England
my Northern Irish brogue is as strong as ever! I now live in Leicestershire after coming over to England to study
English at Loughborough University.

I have been teaching at The Pingle Academy for most of my teaching career and it’s like a second home. I enjoy
working with young people and supporting them to reach their goals and develop into young adults. The best
feeling in the world is when a young person achieves the grades they need and deserve to take them to the next
step of their journey into adulthood. In the last few years, I have been delighted to catch up with our former
students and discover where their journeys have taken them. I have met doctors, artists, engineers, writers,
teachers, hairdressers, farmers – all amazing and aspirational young people. I am thrilled that at the academy we
have contributed to those journeys.