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TBC - Alternative Provision

TBC (To Be Continued) In-house Alternative Provision

As part of the caring and inclusive ethos at Pingle Academy, we provide for those students who need more support to engage and thrive in a safe, accessible, yet challenging educational environment, where barriers to learning are removed and progress is promoted. Successful outcomes are determined for students as individuals, but we expect all to achieve their academic and social potential, with our support.

Timpson Review of School Exclusion - May 2019

‘every child, regardless of their characteristics, need, or the type of school they attend, deserves a high-quality education that allows them to flourish and paves the way to a successful future…Alternative Provision (within mainstream) should exist in order to provide high quality education in a caring and safe environment where pupils who were not coping in a mainstream classroom can flourish.’

Key points:

  • Safeguarding arrangements are appropriate & effective for all students.
  • Leaders identify & assess student needs by ensuring comprehensive referral processes and daily formative assessment of needs: emotional, physical and educational.
  • Leaders develop & adapt the curriculum for students and are ambitious for them.
  • Leaders assess students’ learning & development.
  • Leaders involve carers, parents & other professionals to support students holistically.
  • Leaders include students in all aspects of school life & prepare them for their next steps in life and education.
  • Each student’s level of attendance is appropriate to their needs and context, including those on part time timetables.