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SSC - Student Support Centre

The Student Support Centre offers students a small and safe environment.

Before the Academy day and during break and lunchtime, students are welcome to come and meet their friends, eat their packed lunch or catch up with some homework.

During lesson time we support students with medical issues, long and short term, and students with injuries, providing them with personalised timetables and ensuring that they get caught up with their classwork, build their confidence and gradually return to lessons using individual and part time timetables, reducing the barriers to their learning.

We also support students with anxiety and other mental health difficulties, developing and improving their confidence and self-esteem, whilst also ensuring that they are able to access their education.

We run Enhanced Transition for Year 6 children identified by Primary Headteachers during June each year.  These sessions allow the children the opportunity to make new friends, ask questions, take part in fun activities and have a look around the Academy before the main transition days.

Positive Support is a one to one programme that we run for students who need help to develop their self-esteem, build their confidence and deal with their feelings.

All in-year admissions start in the Student Support Centre and are monitored while they settle into the Academy.

Student Support Centre is here to support all students to be respectful, successful and happy young people at The Pingle Academy, who engage in their learning and achieve academic success.