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Over the course, you will study topics in Pure Maths, Mechanics and Statistics. If you have chosen to study Further Mathematics as well as Maths then, you will study extra topics within these areas. 
The Mathematics Department is committed to ensuring that you make good progress throughout your A level course. In order that you make the best possible start to the course, we have prepared this booklet. It is vital that you spend time working through the questions in this booklet over the summer. You need to have a good knowledge of these topics before you commence your course in September. You should have met all the topics before at GCSE. Work through what you need to from each chapter, making sure that you understand the examples. Then tackle the exercise to ensure you understand the topic thoroughly. The answers are at the back of the booklet. You will need to be very organised so keep your work in a folder & mark any queries to ask at the beginning of term. 
In the first or second week of term you will take a test to check how well you understand these topics, so it is important that you have completed the booklet by then. A mock test is provided at the back of this booklet. 
Use this introduction to give you a good start to your Year 12 work that will help you to enjoy, and benefit from, the course. The more effort you put in, right from the start, the better you will do. 
Sources for further help are indicated throughout the booklet. All the topics can be found on resources such as Corbett Maths or DrFrostMaths

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