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A lot of preparation for Law A level will involve reading about cases and keeping up to date with current law issues.

The following resources are all intended to inform and prepare you for the A level course and for the future study of Law.

  • N.J. McBride, Letters to a Law Student: A Guide to Studying Law at University (4th edition, Pearson 2017)  
  • Books with legal themes might also be enjoyable as well as useful:
  • Chalres Dickens: Bleak House
  • Harper Lee: To Kill a Mocking Bird
  • Franz Kafka: The Trial

If it is the behaviour of the offender which particularly fascinates you, then reading some true crime books about offenders or serial killers - there are plenty available which might be useful, although check you are comfortable with reading these, as some of them might be a little gruesome and upsetting. These books are more important if you are interested in becoming a criminologist, rather than a lawyer. 


The following websites may be useful tools and gateways to additional information about the Law:


We also encourage students to access and study the free online Open University law courses. Students should create a user account, this will enable them to record their achievements and be able to print a certificate of participation for their CV and records of achievement folders.

We recommend the following courses: