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Preparation for A Level study


In Year 12 we study the OCR topics of:

  • Britain 1930-1997 (key study on Winston Churchill)
  • French Revolution and Napoleon

Please complete the following tasks in order to be prepared for the History A Level course in September:

Britain 1930-1997 (key study on Winston Churchill)

Create a profile on Winston Churchill. This can be in any format or style but should include the following information on him:

  • Image
  • Date and place of birth
  • Education
  • Background including actions and roles before becoming PM
  • Political parties he belonged to and his main beliefs on India, abdication of King George, rearmament and appeasement.
  • PM from 1940-45
    • Relationship with Generals
    • War in the Mediterranean
    • Beliefs about Empire
    • Views on bombing of Germany
    • Actions and events he oversaw
    • Failures and successes
  • Life after being PM (don’t worry about his second term as PM)
  • Death

For each of Churchill’s successors to the role of PM, find out which political party they represented and then 10 facts about them (not where they were born or their favourite sandwich filling but key facts about their time in power, policies, legacy, successes and failures etc!). Once you have your 10 facts, colour code them positive or negative to see which leaders were the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ (in your opinion!). The PMs you need to do this for are:

  1. Atlee (1945-1951)
  2. Eden (1955-57)
  3. Macmillan (1957-63)
  4. Douglas-Home (1963-64)
  5. Wilson (1964-70)
  6. Heath (1970-74)
  7. Wilson (1974-76)
  8. Callaghan (1976-79)
  9. Thatcher (1979-1990)
  10. Major (1990-1997)

Explain which of the PMs that you have investigated was the BEST and which was the WORST and why. You may want to discuss economic, social, political change as well as military considerations and other factors.

French Revolution and Napoleon

  1. Use the following websites to create and complete a table of reasons WHY there was a revolution in France in 1789…


The structure of French society, privileges that some groups had in France and that others didn’t...


The French financial situation and the financial position of the French people was to blame (taxes, debt, expensive wars…)


The King and his actions/unpopularity and decisions were the main cause...





Use these websites to add a minimum of 10-15 reasons/facts about why the revolution may have begun:


Research task on Napoleon - Napoleon seized power in 1799 and ruled until he was defeated in 1814 (and again in 1815!). Your task is to find at least 10 things that Napoleon did to change France internally (inside France - e.g. changes to the laws, society, education, tax etc) and also at least 10 things about Napoleon’s military campaigns. Then colour code your facts - one colour for success and one for failure (from the perspective of Napoleon!)

If you have any concerns or need help in completing these tasks please email myself, Miss Rea (Head of Humanities) on and I will be happy to help or set extra work if required/desired. The more you can learn now, the easier it will make the transition from GCSE level to A Level.

You will need to bring all of this work with you to your first lesson as this will be the basis of the class discussion and learning in the first few lessons.