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One of the topics we cover early on in A level Geography is Global Systems and Governance. In preparation for this topic, we would like you to create a presentation on PowerPoint or Google Slides about a Transnational Corporation (TNC) of your choice.

This should include slides and information on the following:

  1. What does TNC mean? Write a definition and give examples
  2. What is your chosen TNC?
  3. General info: Origins of the company, what they produce, profit they make, turnover, number of employees, sector of works etc. plus any other info you find
  4. What countries does your TNC operate in? Do they have workshops/sweatshops in different parts of the World? Can you show this on some kind of World Map?
  5. Ethics of the company- have they ever had any bad press/reports? What for? How did they tackle it?
  6. Where do all the part and components come from that make up their final products? Again, can this be shown on a World Map? E.g Nike get the rubber for the souls of trainers from Indonesia, cotton from Turkey and polyester from China, but manufacture a lot of their products in Cambodia.
  7. Who are the main consumers of your TNC’s products?
  8. Does your TNC invest in local economies and donate to charities and help to improve infrastructure? How? Why is this important?
  9. Any further information.

Some TNC’s that people often pick are companies like Nike, Apple, Microsoft, Ford, Coca Cola. You can choose any of these or PICK YOUR OWN.

There is no limit to how much you can include. When you begin your research you will find so much information that is interesting and useful. It is up to you how you structure your information and in what order you decide to do it.

Please bring your research projects to your first lesson with us when we are back for Year 12 in September. Any questions, please email me: