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ARC - Autism Resource Centre

ARC (Autism Resource Centre) an Enhanced Resource

How can I secure a place for my child in the ARC?

Students need to have an EHCP (Educational Health Care Plan) and be working at the academic level of their peers.  Often feeder schools suggest an ERS placement and parents/carers can make a request to Derbyshire County Council SEND Department via a Year 6 annual review for a place.

Parents/carers are encouraged to come and have a look around and meet the staff and see the ARC during a normal day.  Most parents/carers come for a look round before their child’s Year 5 annual review.

An ARC placement may be appropriate for a number of reasons

  • Sensory processing difficulties that may cause anxiety within a mainstream classroom and a need for sensory breaks
  • Direct and regular teaching required for social communication skills
  • A need for support with life skills, homework or other areas of the wider curriculum
  • A need for ISA/TA support to access parts of the mainstream curriculum
  • A supportive environment for breaks and lunchtimes as well as at the start of the day

Why is being part of a mainstream school important for ARC students?

ARC students have access to subject specialist staff and a wider range of KS4 qualifications. 

It allows them to interact with their peers, from joining after school clubs to accessing mainstream lessons with support. Students attend assembly with their year group, participate in reward visits, use specialist facilities for lessons and are invited to whole school events such as prize giving.

What will my child’s day look like?

Timetables and the subsequent support are differentiated according to the needs of the students.  Some students access a mainstream timetable, with support, for the majority of their time and others work in small groups in the ARC for the majority of their time.

There is access to direct social skills and life skills teaching alongside the National Curriculum, KS4 students within the ARC work towards GCSEs either within the mainstream classes or within the ARC.  They may have timetabled time to complete homework and/or consolidate learning within their week.

Is it right for my child?

Parents/carers and students are welcome to visit in order to find out whether a student’s needs can be met.

Please contact Louise Harling, Head of the Enhanced Resource Section, on telephone no: 01283 216837 or email: